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Vessel Fleet Analysis
  • Inventory all engines: propulsion, gen set, auxiliaries
  • Age, hour accumulation, useful life, emissions regulatory level
Exhaust Emissions Regulation Interpretation
Regulatory Agencies

  • National Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)
  • California Air Resources Board  (CARB)
  • Tier 2 implementation
  • Southern California Port Regulations
  • South Coast Air Quality Management Board

International Maritime Organization (IMO)

  • Safety of Life at Sea (SOLAS)
  • IMO 73/78 Annex VI and IMO 73/78 Annex VI II Regulations

European Union (EU)

  • Port Sulfur Regulations
  • EU Stage II, Stage III, Stage IIIa, Stage IV Off-road Regulations

Emissions Regulation Enforcement

  • U.S. Coast Guard
  • CG543 Department for IMO 73/78 Annex VI approval for Jan 2000 and beyond.
  • Modifications to Annex VI to include Jan 1990 to Dec 1999 Vessels proposal for Tier 1
  • Marine Societies – ABS, BV, DNV, RN, GL
  • Local or Country Authorities
Engine Replacement Technical Expertise

  • Engine rated power and speed
  • Transmission match
  • Cooling system modifications
Engine Replacement Project Financial Analysis Expertise

  • Engine and installation cost estimates
  • Reduced operating cost of new replacements
  • Pay-back period; project NPV
Project Management

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Grant Funding Application Assistance Expertise
  • Emissions reduction calculations
  • EPA air quality non-compliant status
  • Liaison with eligible grant applicant
Grant Administration Assistance

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