Fall fun

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just a reminder that you’re receiving this email because you have expresse=
d an interest in Foster Pet Outreach.

You may unsubscribe if you no longer wish to =
receive our emails.

Foster Pet Outreach is a local non-profit organizati=
on whose main focus is to help provide for the well being of animals in ou=
r community

Fall 2020 NEWSLE=

Fall is in the air
With the changing of seasons, so does the need for new concerns for ou=
r furry friends.  Fall can be a welcome change for us, but it also has=
some lurking dangers as well.

*Kids are back to school and schoo=
l supplies like glue sticks, markers, etc. can be dangerous for our pets.&n=
bsp; So be sure to have those items put away and out of reach.

*With cooler weather, rodents are seeking warmer spots(your home)=
.  Be careful with setting traps or using chemicals to rid your home o=
f pests.  Dogs and cats can easily get into them.

*Be s=
ure to steer clear from any mushrooms that pop up!  While 99% are not =
toxic, there are some that are.

*Watch out for wildlife.&nbs=
p; As the sun sets earlier, more predators come out sooner to feed.  A=
curious pet could easily find themselves with an encounter with wildlife.&=
nbsp; Peoria area has seen an increase of incidents over the past couple of=
years, as many other areas as well.

Don’t forget to have fu=
n and enjoy the weather and all the fun fall brings with it!  For exam=
ple, Meyer pictured here is ready for our Trunk or Treat event at Kickapoo =
Winery on October 17th.  We invite you and your family to come enjoy a=
fun family event.  

i =20

October is Pit bull Awareness Month
 You don’t have to convince us here a=
t FPO that bully breeds are misunderstood at times.  The truth is that=
bully breeds can make a great family pet.  
Here are some fun facts about Pit bulls:=
1.  There is no such breed as a pit bull.&=
nbsp; The term refers to a variety of breeds, like the American Staffordshi=
re terrier and others.
2.  Once considered a “nanny dog” the bree=
d was used to look over children as a protector.
3.  They were originally breed to drive an=
d catch livestock and serve as a family companion.
4.  They were not bred to be guard dogs as=
they are too friendly!
5.  MYTH- They do not have locking jaws.&n=
bsp; Repeat- their jaws do not lock as we have been told over the years.
6.  A Rottweiler and German Shepard actual=
ly have a more powerful bite.
7.  Up to 75% of dogs in shelters are labe=
led incorrectly, many of which are pit bull breeds.
8.  They are not born to be aggressive.&nb=
sp; Temperament tests show them to be in the top 4 breeds of being the most=
tolerant.  Guess who has the poorest temperament?  The Chihuahua=
Sadly the stories of dog attacks and =
dog fighting has given then a poor reputation.  The truth is that all =
dogs can attack.  It is a human ownership problem.  It is not int=
rinsic for a dog to be aggressive.  Those behaviors usually come from =
neglect, being abused, or pets who have been trained to fight/attack. =

Shop and Support 
We have some shirts available to order through Bonfire.  Ch=
eck them out!

Shop here!

Did you know you can support FPO without giving us money and simply sh=
opping?  Here are 2 ways you can!  

To Use the Kroger Co=
mmunity Rewards Program: Simply visit,  http://www.kroger.com. Once lo=
gged into their Kroger account they can search for FOSTER PET OUTREACH eith=
er by name or WT737 and then click Enroll. New users will need to create an=
account which requires some basic information, a valid email address and a=
rewards card.

Shop using Amazon Sm=
ile. The difference is that when you shop on AmazonSmile, the AmazonSmile F=
oundation will donate 0.5% of the purchase price of eligible products to th=
e charitable organization of your choice.It only takes a few minutes to set=
up, and will remember your choice each time you log in! Please note: Be su=
re to choose Foster Pet Outreach
Upcoming Events

  Our next scheduled visit there is October 10th from 11-1. =
Be sure to check out our Facebook page the night before to see who is comi=
ng!  We require an application on file to be considered for adoption a=
nd do not do same day adoptions.  Applications can be found on our web=
site under Pet Services.  

Just Animals Vet Clinic
Due to Covid=
, there are some restrictions. They are still visiting our facility once a=
month. The next scheduled date is October 17th. Please contact them for =
more information as they do all of the scheduling and pricing.


To Schedule:=

Our A=
pp: JustAnimals vet2pet


In the past couple years we have been asked to bring our pets t=
o several area businesses.  While we have not been able to go to all, =
we try hard to work with local businesses that want to support us.  If=
you have an idea of where we could visit this year, please reach out.&nbsp=
; Some of our events are already in the planning stages for next spring/sum=
mer so if you have an outdoor venue, we book quickly.  Please reach ou=
t to us with your thoughts and ideas.  Our event coordinator would lov=
e to hear them!  

Congratulations to all our furry=
friends who were adopted this month.   We wish all our new FPO f=
amilies a happy trail!  


Every donation, large or small, helps us to continue our mission.&nbsp=
; A receipt will be sent with your tax deductible donation.  Donations=
can be made here or mail to FPO, 10206 W. Dubois Rd., Edwards, IL  61=

Foster Pet Outreach | 309-682-1122



Foster Pet Outreach, 10206 W. DuBois Rd =
PO Box 4,
 Edwards, I=
L 61528
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