Dog Days of Summer

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Foster Pet Outreach is a local non-profit organizati=
on whose main focus is to help provide for the well being of animals in ou=
r community

Dog Days of Summ=

i =20

Pictured here are Leia’s puppies.  While t=
hey are small, cute, and cuddly=
 they will grow up to be a good=
size dog with mom being a lab mix and dad being a lab.  They are stil=
l quite young and just starting to eat food.  
This summer our group has received many puppies=
into the program.    We also get a lot of questions on how to go=
about adopting one.
All of our puppies must have 2 sets of shots an=
d be altered before adoption.  That means we DO NOT adopt puppies youn=
ger than 12 weeks.  We also ask that you do not apply for puppies unti=
l they are 8-10 weeks in age.  Currently these puppies are in a foster=
home with their momma.  At about 8 weeks old they will be split into =
pairs of 2 into new foster homes. At that time you can submit an applicatio=
n.  Please remember that when you apply you need to submit a name of a=
puppy you are interested in.  This helps the fosters.  Foster ho=
mes watch for personality traits and try to match up the perfect home for e=
ach puppy.  
Sometimes the process can seem tiring when you =
are applying.  We encourage all who are interested in adopting a puppy=
whether it be from Leia’s family or another pup, that you follow us on Fac=
ebook and apply for the one you think is the best one for your family.&nbsp=
; Once you apply, a foster home will begin communicating with you.  If=
you come across another one that you think might be a better fit, reach ou=
t to us and we will transfer your application.  The foster home’s main=
goal is to find the right fit for their pup.  Sometimes it is not alw=
ays easy process as we can get dozens of apps for a single pup.  =

This process is similar for applying for all of our pets.  We also enc=
ourage you to have an open mind.  Sometimes a puppy sounds fantastic, =
but with a puppy you will most likely be potty training, as well as basic o=
bedience training  and it can be a lot of work.  Many of our dogs=
that are out of the puppy stage already have some of those basics down.&nb=
sp; Old dogs can learn new tricks.  Some might argue that it can happe=
n faster than a puppy. Adopting a new puppy or dog is an adventure.  H=
ere at FPO we are a family and will help you and your family along the way =
if something arises.  We love match making and happy endings!

The dog days of summer are coming to an end.  Kids are going back=
to school, parents might be going back to work, or maybe your family is st=
ill staying home.  This will be a rough time for everyone.  =
Here are a few tips to help your pets adjust to the new schedule=

When you are heading out for your first day back at work, it wo=
uld be best to give them a brisk walk or a game of fetch before you leave. =
Before you leave be sure to leave a long-lasting treat such as a rawhide or=
a Kong toy with frozen melted cheese inside or frozen peanut butter. =
There are also apps out their with music and other helpful noises to help =
you pet settle down.  If it is really bad, reach out to your vet and t=
hey can suggest alternative treatments as well.
If you have not gone back to work or school =
and are still at home, you can help prevent this.  Practice with your =
pet with the “stay” command.  Reward them with a treat each time they =
stay and you leave the room.  After a successful stay for a couple min=
utes continue to increase the time.  You can also help your pet transi=
tion by still having them spend time during the day in their crate. 

Did you know you can support FPO without giving us money and simply sh=
opping?  Here are 2 ways you can!  

To Use the Kroger Co=
mmunity Rewards Program: Simply visit, Once lo=
gged into their Kroger account they can search for FOSTER PET OUTREACH eith=
er by name or WT737 and then click Enroll. New users will need to create an=
account which requires some basic information, a valid email address and a=
rewards card.

Shop using Amazon Sm=
ile. The difference is that when you shop on AmazonSmile, the AmazonSmile F=
oundation will donate 0.5% of the purchase price of eligible products to th=
e charitable organization of your choice.It only takes a few minutes to set=
up, and will remember your choice each time you log in! Please note: Be su=
re to choose Foster Pet Outreach
Upcoming Events
Just Animals Vet Clinic
Due to Covid=
, there are some restrictions. They are still visiting our facility once a=
month. The next scheduled date is August 15th. Please contact them for m=
ore information as they do all of the scheduling and pricing.


To Schedule:=

Our A=
pp: JustAnimals vet2pet

Facebook Invite- Click for=
More Event Info

All PetSmart outreaches have been on hold.  We hope to be back th=
ere soon!  Our next scheduled visit there is September 12 th.  We=
have not received confirmation if we will be allowed to be there yet.&nbsp=
; We will update our Facebook event when we know more.

In the past couple years we have been asked to bring our pets t=
o several area businesses.  While we have not been able to go to all, =
we try hard to work with local businesses that want to support us.  If=
you have an idea of where we could visit this year, please reach out.&nbsp=
; Some of our events are already in the planning stages for next spring/sum=
mer so if you have an outdoor venue, we book quickly.  Please reach ou=
t to us with your thoughts and ideas.  Our event coordinator would lov=
e to hear them!  

Congratulations to all our furry=
friends who were adopted this month.   We wish all our new FPO f=
amilies a happy trail!  


Every donation, large or small, helps us to continue our mission.&nbsp=
; A receipt will be sent with your tax deductible donation.  Donations=
can be made here or mail to FPO, 10206 W. Dubois Rd., Edwards, IL  61=

Foster Pet Outreach | 309-682-1122



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