A successful Project / Program Manager with experience in a broad scope of activities at a Fortune 100 company. Diverse back ground includes… Factory Supervision, Manufacturing Engineering, Plant Engineering Supervision, General Management of Contract Manufacturing Business, Quality Manager, Business Process Improvement Manager, Change Management Facilitator, New Product Introduction Project Manager, E-Business Coordinator, Manager for Employee Involvement Program, Marketing Professional and Master Scheduler for EPA Tier IV Certification. All of the assignments required initiative and the ability to work with others, to communicate, to understand Change Management, to utilize Business Process Improvement and Caterpillar 6 Sigma techniques.

Most significant strengths are Project Management mentality and willingness to promote change. Ability to reduce a project to the elements that can be completed, to be willing to assign the appropriate resource, to establish a time frame and then follow-up to ensure the task is completed.

DON HAAR (Contract Resource)

Don worked at Caterpillar, Inc for 39 years. He spent 11 years designing Cat engines, followed by 22 years traveling the world providing invaluable engine technical service support to the worldwide Caterpillar network of Dealers. He helped dealers with engine commissioning, operational problem diagnoses and failure analysis. During the latter part of his career at Cat, he was involved in parts marketing, and providing technology upgrades for current production engines using existing components to enhance engine performance adding value for the customer.


Serving the Central Illinois Area